Thank you


Thank you for commenting on our blog Mrs Annesley, maybe we can come and visit the bungalow this week. Thank you Mrs Elshaw for helping us in music – your singing is really good and we like it. Mrs Johnson we really enjoyed playing boccia with you hopefully we can play again soon.

L2 x


Go For It Day

Today we have looked at the Olympics and Paralympics and focused on how people try their best no matter what. Not only did we get to try lovely Brazilian fruits – we also made a new piece of artwork for the classroom wall to remind us to keep trying and show everybody what we can achieve.

Now we are back at school and settled into our new classes we’ll be checking our blog again and sharing our work.




Hi Guys

We have had a crazy few weeks. In topic we are now looking at seaside rescue so made a huge piece of art on the Great Barrier Reef to help us compare our beaches too. On Monday we are off to the seaside which is so exciting. We are also looking at Robin Hood in English and have created character profiles and puppets. We’ll update the blog soon.

l2 ximageimage

People Who Help Us

In class today we worked with our friends in L4. We met 2 visitors who help us. Grandad Linkens who is an engineer and helped work on tanks, fast planes, submarines and lots of areas of medicine. This afternoon we met Charlotte (Miss L’s big sister) who tests blood and saves lives! We used pipettes and made blood biscuits. We then drew some pictures for her to take to her lab! We can’t wait to have you back again one day! We’ll put more pictures up tomorrow!

L2 & L4 x

Miss and The Bungalow

We are making a rainforest picture for Miss in the bungalow. Yesterday we got water guns and painted the background on a canvas.

Later on in the week we are going to add some handprint animals to finish our work ready to be hung up.

L2 x